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I’d Rather Work From Home: People Share Their Biggest Work Pet Peeves

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*Calls Out Sick*

You did it.

You finally got your dream job, the pinnacle of the career you’ve spent your whole life working towards. You show up for your first day (what could be better!), and they lead you to your dark cubicle. With no windows. That you share with two people, and one of them unapologetically has bad gas.

Or maybe your workplace stinks and you’re not even in the job you want to have. Or maybe you’re sick of listening to people complain about work because you’ve been out of a job for months or even years.

Like many things in life, you can’t always control everything around you. Nowhere is this more true than at work (unless you’re the boss). Whether or not you love your job, there are bound to be things that bother you, from annoying coworkers to terrible hours to those blaring white lights directly above your desk that force you to wear sunglasses in the office. What? Who said that? *Cough cough.*

People were asked to share their biggest work pet peeves, and they’re all-too-real.

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How many of these work pet peeves do you have?