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Popular Trends That Will Become the ‘Frosted Tips’ and ‘Baggy Jeans’ of Our Generation

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What were we thinking?!

Every generation is known for certain iconic looks. Flower crowns, feather boas, and peace signs all symbolize a different decade of history. For every iconic look, there’s also some faux pas that we’d all rather forget ever existed… Like that picture of your mother from the ‘80s with huge shoulder pads, feathered bangs, and maybe even a fanny pack. Among these are the notorious frosted tips and baggy jeans trends (circa 2001) that we’d all rather forget.

Millennial and Generation Z fashion has certainly had its high points, but it’s impossible to ignore the low points we’ve had as well. The day will come when it’s this generation’s turn to be made fun of for the ridiculous fashions we thought looked good, so here are the things we’ll look back on and cringe!

80s fashion

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