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I Got Pregnant During a Threesome and This Is What Happened

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Oh, How Traditions Have Changed

On CBS, in the late 1950s, Leave It to Beaver premiered, captivating its audience. The sitcom portrayed the ideal suburban family… the American dream, if you will. The family, a married couple and their children, is an excellent example of what society as a whole, still to this day, sees as “the way it should be.”

Two hundred thirty-four episodes later, the iconic television series reached a “natural conclusion” and ended. In other words, there was nothing left for viewers to see. Once Wally left for college, what else could have been shown, besides the repetition of the grow-up-and-get-married cycle?

Decades later, society is far from Leave It to Beaver‘s “dad knows best” attitude. What shocked people in the ’50s doesn’t shock them now. Needless to say, society has gotten a little… looser.

So loose, in fact, that instead of a man and a women abstaining from intercourse until marriage then having a baby, people are hooking up three and four at a time and having multiple babies. The people of Reddit have shared stories about babies conceived during three ways, and honestly, it simply shows how far civilization has really come.

three way 2 guys 1 girl

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