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People Want Aug 4th to be Known as “Obama Day”

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Our new favorite holiday!

Barack is barely out of office and citizens around the nation already want to immortalize our former president’s legacy into a holiday! Spectacular idea if you ask us. Several Illinois lawmakers are calling Barack Obama’s birthday, August 4th, to become a state holiday (sorry guys, but the rest of the 49 states are probably going to have to wait till Trump is out of office to make it federal). If the law is passed, August 4th would become the Illinois’s 13th official day off.

Obama at Press Conference

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Andre Thapedi and Sonya Harper, the people at the forefront of this bill, tried to push the idea while Obama was still ruling our fair land but Thapedi admitted that he might have “ticked off some folks” because the budget crisis they were facing in Springfield was of far more importance. Now however, he says that the official holiday (including a government shutdown and a bank holiday) is “important to me and to my constituents.”

He further reasoned that Obama is “an adopted son of the state, a Nobel Prize winner, a two-term president and the first African-American president” and “kids are out of school in August, anyway, so it won’t cause any problems there.”


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Other states that honor former presidents that were still alive (or controversial historical figures) include California who celebrate Ronald Reagan, Virginia who celebrate Lee-Jackson Day — honoring Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson — and Alabama who celebrate the birth of Jefferson Davis. So for all you are about to whine, you can stop right now.

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