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People Share Stories of Meeting Serial Killers Before They Knew They Were Killers

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The ones that got away

For all of our lives, we’re pretty obsessed with death.

Are we afraid of our own mortality? Or is there some morbid fascination there that leads us to turn death into an omnipresent theme, a plot of countless works of art and fiction, even a fully manifested character?

The only thing certain in this life is that we’re all going to die. But when? How? Those are the questions that fascinate us, especially after near-death experiences or encounters with those who would gleefully cut our lives short.

How many serial killers are in the world right now? Do you know a serial killer? Even if you did, how would you really know? Many of us have joked that our ex or maybe that quiet guy at the office is a secret serial killer, but that joke has got to be based in some sort of truth, right?

History has seen plenty of serial killers and mass murderers, so how do you know if you’ve ever come across one, or if you know one right now?

These people had real-life run ins with serial killers and lived to tell the tale.

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It's always the person you'd least suspect... or is it?