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People Who Were Caught “In the Moment” at the Wrong Time!

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Wrong place, wrong time. We’ve all heard this saying before, but what exactly does it mean? Sometimes it refers to truly dangerous situations, sometimes it’s not as bad. Almost always, it comes down to sheer bad luck. Why did we have to be at that exact place at that exact time? What if I’d left the house just a second later? What if I never went at all? Once in a while, however, our bad luck can lead to truly hilarious scenarios.

Having intimate relationships is just about as natural as it gets. We all have urges. After all, it’s the reason we’re all here, so we’ve been doing it since the beginning of time! Unfortunately, some us can’t wait until we get to private place to do the deed. WE NEED IT NOW! Sexual acts in public come with risks… which is exactly why some people prefer it! Maybe that’s part of the thrill, but not when you actually get caught like these anonymous people did. Just when they thought they were safe, or nobody was nearby, or their door was locked, life stepped in to embarrass them. Their humiliation is our humor!

Have you ever been walked in on? Or maybe you’ve walked in on someone else…? Read these hilarious encounters of people who were caught in the act. They’ll certainly never forget it and neither will we! Let us know your own story after!

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Credit: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia; Reddit