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Smartphone Users Disturbed to Learn Their Phones Were Tracking Their Naughty Pictures

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This is not the data that you want collected

You can’t deny that people love their smartphones. The smartphone is becoming an integral part of everyday activities more and more. You can pay with your phone, keep your concert and flight tickets on there, and you can communicate with anyone on the face of the Earth in a variety of ways. However, there are serious drawbacks to this small, yet powerful device.

As much as people use their phones, they feel as though safeguards need to be put in place to protect our privacy while on them. There have been court cases about the legality of companies “unlocking” their users’ phones for evidence gathering, for example. Upon the release of the iPhone X, Apple users are outraged since they realized that their phone has been secretly tagging their most intimate photos without their knowledge.

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Credit: Boryana Manzurova/Shutterstock