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Russian Photographer Uses Facial Recognition to Show You Just How Little Privacy You Really Have

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Anonymity No More

It’s no news that with the invention of the internet—or more specifically Facebook and Google—came the disappearance of privacy as we know it. These mega websites record your every status, picture, search, location, and any possible data you provide the internet and sell that information to companies willing to pay the big bucks (mostly advertisers). It’s how you see creepily accurate targeted ads on any website you visit. Seriously though, I’ve seen ads on FB for t-shirts that say “Lithuanian blooded but livin in the Big Easy.” 1. Why would I ever want a shirt that says that and 2. Super effin creepy.

Like we said, this isn’t surprising news. In fact, we’ve become so desensitized by this breach of privacy, we’ve come to accept the idea that “if [you] put it on the internet, it’s anyone’s game.” We have a certain trust in Facebook and Google that even with all the information they receive from us, no direct harm will come of it. Well, no more. This Russian photographer proved with one project how literally anyone can get a boat load of information from you, with one blurry snapshot.

girl with cherry in mouth - facial recognition

Photo: Egor Tsvetkov

Well this doesn't make us feel any better...