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14 Pictures Comparing Life Then vs. Life Now

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Life: Then vs. Now

Wow! The future! Here we are! We all knew the future would be cool, but did you think it would be like this? 2017 and people still aren’t riding around on hover-boards, taking their food in pill form, wearing silver jumpsuits, or living side by side with aliens in a galactic federation- okay…. perhaps it’s a good thing we haven’t come that far. For those of us who aren’t bumhurt that we haven’t genetically created a society that looks like Uma Thurman and Jude Law (Gattaca reference, what up!), we still might be a little peeved at the fact that the world we live in is… a little disappointing sometimes.

Scientists have done the research and happiness shouldn’t directly correlate with our processing power. So how did we get here? Is technology making us better or worse at being human? This gallery will walk you though a little tour of the times, from then to now, and hopefully remind us how far we’ve come, but also, how little we’ve learned.

As Carroll O’Conner and Jean Stapleton once sang out at the beginning of All in the Family, “those were the days.” And if you get that reference, you’re really going to enjoy number 9.


Old School Game Boy

Credit: Boo-Tique/Shutterstock

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