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Detectives & Police Officers Reveal the Cases They Didn’t Care to Solve

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Law & Order & Regret

As children, who among us didn’t at least know one person that dreamed of growing up to be a cop or fire fighter? Jobs such as these are among the most standard and exceptional in our society; citizens truly dedicated to helping other citizens. So what would stop them from performing their duties?

In recent years, the reputation of police across the country has suffered major blows at the hands of a few embroiled in controversial cases or found guilty of outright crimes. Although we group every man and woman in the profession together, the truth is that they are not a single unit, rather millions of individuals working day and night to keep our towns and cities safe.

Whether you picture them patrolling the streets, or working on extended cases through the years, the ideal cop is glorified as one who works tirelessly to track down suspects and perpetrators in order to bring them to justice. But are all cases created equal?

While it’s nice to think that police are always dedicated to their cases, that simply isn’t the truth. In fact, it’s not uncommon for cops to handle cases differently based on the type of crime. As it turns out, there are some cases police simply don’t want to solve.

Police were asked to discuss the cases they decided not to pick up or the ones they were in a rush to close regardless of the outcome. While some were crimes so minor they didn’t merit the expense of a full investigation, others are shocking reminders of how crime and punishment are dictated by very human emotions and errors.

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These are the cases that just didn't matter...