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Is Poop the New Antibiotic? Stories From a Poop Transplant Patient

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Getting down and dirty

Advancements in technology, science, and medicine over the past century have been truly incredible, and we’ve changed not only mankind but the entire world (often for the better) because of them.

Even without knowing it, we’ve all benefitted from these advancements as well. Sure, there are the obvious things like having the technology to write and read this article in the first place, most likely with the convenience of scrolling through your smartphone in just about any place that has wifi or other service. But what about all the once-fatal or paralyzing diseases we’ve eradicated? How often do you stop to think about those? The very fact that we’ve moved away from an overly-industrialized society means that the air you breathe is (hopefully) cleaner than it once was, and you probably don’t have to subject your body to harmful chemicals and environments on a daily basis.

Yet one ancient medical procedure is starting to gain some major popularity, especially in North America, and it might not be the type of “modern advance” you suspected. What is it, you ask? A poop transplant. First documented in 4th-century China as “yellow soup,” the transplant is being used more and more in the United States to cure a range of colon-related diseases. Now it’s saving lives.

fecal transplant shocked man

Credit: Lisa F. Young/Shutterstock/Wikimedia Commons

Here's why poop transplants are getting popular