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Popular Blogger Opened Up About Crippling Loneliness, and Her Followers Came to the Rescue

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Lotte will be lonely no more!

If you look at Lotte Brouwer’s social media, you’ll see a happy woman and little white dog promoting Pinterest-perfect meals and modern room designs. As we all know, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Lotte’s life is as picturesque as she makes it seem. Social media has a way of showing off someone’s best moments without divulging the mundane or even sad moments. Your nights out, your fancy dinners with friends, and your best travel photos are prominently displayed yet people may never know about all the stressors you deal with on an everyday basis.

Among all of the gorgeous photos she posted on Twitter, Lotte asked if anyone felt as lonely as she did. She received so much more support for that one tweet than anything else she ever posted.

lotte and dog driving boat

Source: Instagram @yespleaseblog