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The Church Wants This Priest to Retire After He Wore This Costume for Carnival

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A Priest Under Fire

What’s in a costume?

Around the world, various holidays/special events ask or require its patrons to don a costume or fancy dress and parade around as someone else for a day, night, or entire week. While most of us over here in the U.S. are familiar with Halloween, the dominant annual dress-up party in other parts of the world is Carnival, the massive celebration that takes place before the start of Lent.

When you think of Carnival, you might picture beautiful women dressed up in minimal clothing and covered in lush feathers and beads or crowds of people dancing along the beach in Brazil or Spain. Maybe you picture the elaborate masks and costumed balls of Venice or the drunken crowds in New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Whatever image you conjure, Carnival makes Halloween pale in comparison, and it’s a celebration that everybody gets involved with.

Unfortunately for one priest, his costume wasn’t well received by his superiors in the Church.

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Did this priest go too far?