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Princess Leia and Han Solo Hooked Up in Real Life

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When fiction meets fact.

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away…

For centuries, works of fiction have remained enduringly popular because of their ability to transport us to foreign countries, distant planets, and made-up universes. Even when they do take place in the real world, movies and stories give us a much-needed escape from our own lives, allowing to imagine “What if?”

The plots are typically familiar: Unexpected heroes finding unlikely allies in a bildungsroman across time and space, a dire threat to peace or civilization that can only be stopped by a mystical weapon wielded by our hero, romance, adventure, death, and, more often that not, a great secret revealed.

Well, a very great secret was just revealed from behind the scenes of one of the most famous fiction franchises in history. Star Wars leading lady Carrie Fisher just revealed, over 40 years later, that her romance with Harrison Ford was more than just on-screen.

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Source: Lucasfilm/ 20th Century Fox

Here's why she waited so long to come clean