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Mixed Race People Talk About the Unique Problems They Face

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Between Worlds

Variety may be the spice of life, but anyone who has ever felt like an outcast knows that it’s never easy to be different.

While we praise individualism in children, encouraging their unique personalities and personal hobbies and talents, humans still inevitably learn that sometimes it’s easier to blend in, and sticking out too much from the rest can make you a target for ridicule and harassment.

Sadly, even in 2016, we still make fun of each other for our differences. Sometimes this practice is a harmless jest, even a socialization or learning technique; other times it can be a detriment to our development and to the very fiber of our beings. One of the biggest divides we face as humans is our skin color and all the associations that come with it.

First introduced in North America during the Colonial Era, anti-miscegenation laws that prohibited interracial relationships soon spread around the world—not being repealed in some countries until the 1980s. While growing in number and visibility both in real life and as represented in the media, interracial people and couples are still met with prejudice, disapproval, and just plain confusion today, facing problems that many of us will never have to worry about directly.

When asked to share the racism or ignorance they face on the regular, this is what interracial people had to say.

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