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Pedaling for Change: Female Cyclists Protest Iran’s Sexist Bike Laws

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What freedoms do we take for granted?

For many, it’s easy, if not natural, to accept the cards we are dealt in life and go on our way without thinking twice about the situations of those around us.

Those who follow any major religion as well as those simply brought up in households that value respect and understanding are taught the importance of empathy: taking a walk in other people’s shoes and trying to comprehend the challenges they face. Through this, we learn to better appreciate what we have in life.

And though we often compare ourselves to those closest to us—in our schools, towns, and our society—the most shocking revelations perhaps come when we learn about the ways of life in foreign countries and cultures. When faced with the realities, privileges, and disparities experienced by other people on a day to day basis, our problems fade into insignificance.

One of the most upsetting truths throughout the world is prejudice, whether on the basis of sex, gender, skin color, or any other factor, but perhaps no prejudice is worse than that buttressed by law.

The religious fatwa in Iran intended to protect female modesty, gender segregation and many other aspects of life. But when it comes to something as simple as riding bicycles, many Iranian women are refusing to obey the traditional rule.

iran women bicycle harmful to society

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Now they're biking in protest