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Pumpkin Spice Mystery Hospitalizes Several High School Students

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And you thought you were sick of it

It seems like people either hate fall or love it. Lovers get to bust out their Uggs and flannel, Halloween is always exciting, and Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte comes out. You know, one of most revered and most loathed drinks of all time.

The pumpkin spice obsession has led to many odd pumpkin flavored things over the years: Oreo Cookies, donuts, yogurt, and even Pringles. I don’t know if the market for these products is pumpkin spice addicts or just drunk college kids who can’t resist a nutmeg encrusted salmon or vaguely orange hummus. Either way, the pumpkin spice market has blown up to ridiculous heights the last few years and it seems every brand out there needs to add the seasonal product to their offerings.

While the products are hilarious, the results of one pumpkin spice product wasn’t so enjoyable for a high school in Baltimore. It was so bad, the school was evacuated and multiple students people were sent for medical care.

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Source: Instagram @starbucks_pr