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Quadruplet Mom Battling Cancer Receives Over $1 Million From the Internet

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Tears, just tears.

These past eleven days have been emotionally draining wouldn’t you say? We’ve had to discipline ourselves from getting on Facebook too often in fear of irreparable damages occurring between us and our extremely conservative, Trump tooting family and friends. What with Aleppo, the Muslim Ban, regressing women’s rights and healthcare, and now the Mosque shooting in Quebec, our faith in humanity is all but lost. But in these troubling times, it’s important to remember the millions of people fighting with everything they have to keep this world a decent place.

If you’re feeling a little hopeless with mankind, take a read of this story about the internet helping this woman fight for her life and her quadruplets.

Kayla Gaytan, her husband and daughter

Source: Facebook/Kayla Gaytan

Someone hand me a tissue box!