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Rachel Doležal to Be Seen ‘In Full Color’

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What is race?

Race issues in the United States today are being compared to where they were during the Civil Rights era.

From the presidential election to never ending stories of disputed police brutality or unjustified killings, it’s no surprise that race feels like more of a dividing than a unifying factor in our society. But should it be?

After all, we’re living in a very transitional age; nothing is black and white anymore. But does that pertain to people as well?

The story of Rachel Doležal, the white civil rights activist and former NAACP chapter president who posed as a black woman for many years, shocked and angered many when it made headlines in 2015. Though supporters argued she lived genuinely and did good for her beliefs, critics say she committed fraud and unheard of cultural appropriation.

Though you may not have heard from her in a while, Rachel Doležal is back, and now she’s publishing a book about her struggle as a black transracial woman.

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Source: Facebook @Rachel Dolezal

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