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Unlikely Friends Finally Meet After Playing ‘Words With Friends’ For A Year

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Finally some feel-good news from 2017

Ever since the internet allowed people to reach out to others they’ve never met before, we’ve been warned about letting strangers to close. People have been drawn in by scammers who convince them to send their hard-earned money to them before they completely disappear. Adults use chatrooms to seek out under-aged victims. Online bullying has led to devastating real-world consequences. Thankfully, not every online meeting ends in tragedy. Some are extremely endearing.

On Dec. 1, 22-year-old aspiring rapper Spencer Sleyon who raps under the moniker Half Empty flew to West Palm Beach, Florida to meet his long-time gaming buddy. He traveled 1,000 miles to meet an octogenarian that he considers to be his best friend.

spencer sleyon and roz guttman

Source: Twitter @Filth800