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The Man Who’s Transitioning Into a Cyborg and Other Real Life Mad Scientists

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Step into my laboratory.

When you picture a mad scientist, you might imagine characters from Romantic literature playing with corpses and galvanism in dark European castles, laughing maniacally as the lightning strikes and a monster comes back to life.

Or maybe you picture characters from more modern movies, delicately toying with computers and futuristic contraptions, perhaps lost behind large goggles and wild Einsteinian hair.

But you don’t have to look to fiction to learn about so-called “mad” scientists, because as it turns out, they’ve always existed. Throughout history, passionate followers of science and even the occult have made their mark, often through shocking or disturbing experiments, but also through important—albeit unorthodox—discoveries.

From men who should have been tried as war criminals to absolute geniuses within the fields of modern medicine and robotics, these men are truly mad scientists.

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