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The Defining Moment People Decided They Definitely Weren’t Going to Have Kids

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When you know, you know!

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most beautiful things you can do in life: You’re creating life, literally growing a little human inside of you. It’s a miracle! But then… they cry for no reason, scream at the top of their lungs, and poop themselves for years. They throw public tantrums for no apparent reason, they destroy your home with constant messes, and they deprive you of your sleep.

That’s if your lucky. You never know if your child is going to be born with a terrible medical issue or grow up to be a complete psychopath! You just give it a try and hope for the best. Well, that’s not a game of roulette everyone is willing to try. People on Reddit share the moment when they first realized they never wanted kids.

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Tiny screaming monsters aren't for everyone.