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Girl Accidentally Came Out To Her Homophobic Family…Here’s What Went Down Next

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We were all pretty worried.

Coming out can be a highly significant part of any member of the LGBTQ community’s life. If it happens to soon or in the wrong situation, it can be extremely traumatic. Being forced to come out can be heartbreaking, but what about when you accidentally out yourself?

This person did exactly that when they let it slip that they weren’t straight on impulse. On top of that, they also just happened to do it on the tail end of one of their family’s homophobic rants, which may just be the worst time to come out.

It’s a pretty worrisome story, and it even went viral when it first happened. Now, thanks to the magic of the internet, we can read about what happened next for them.

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Source: Tumblr @probablynotadalek

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