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Whole Foods Shoppers Share the Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Overheard at the Supermarket

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Where do you shop?

When it comes to going about your basic errands, do you shop to shop, or do you shop to be seen?

Status is a tricky thing in many societies, and some people are dedicated to going to extremes to feel that they are making the proper appearances and right connections. More often than not, this involves spending more money to do the same basic shopping that everyone else does.

Of course, some people choose quality strictly for their own reasons, and impressing others is the last thing on their mind. Who doesn’t like nice things? From clothes to home goods to essentials, one store most associated with offering a step up to its shoppers is Whole Foods, a supermarket focused on providing only natural foods free from preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Known for bizarre stunts such as $6 asparagus water, Whole Foods is a market associated with a higher standard of food shopping. Of course, that comes along with a more demanding clientele, many of whom provide some unexpected entertainment for other shoppers bemused by their antics. So what are they talking about while shopping?

whole foods asparagus water

Source: Gawker

Here are the most bizarre things overheard at Whole Foods