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Woman’s Roommate Throws a Fit After Getting Offended by Halloween Decorations

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Trick or Trash?

The internet is not for communication, nor is it for information. It is for arguing.

Surely you’ve wandered into a message board or comments section at some point where people are bickering and name calling. Trolls have dedicated the purpose of their lives to doing it because humans will argue about anything… like that dress, a Starbucks cup, or which way to hang the toilet paper.

When it comes to arguing, no topic is too sacred or off limits, including holidays.

Some holidays are meant to be purely for fun, and when it comes to frivolity and masquerading, what is more fun than Halloween? Unless you’ve been to Mardi Gras, probably nothing. During Halloween, you can dress up scary, sexy, or funny. You can even make little kids happy by handing them cruddy candy. With the October holiday comes parties, pumpkin carving, haunted houses, and, oh, the best horror movies!

There’s always that one house in your neighborhood that goes all out with their outdoor decorations. This is a story, however, of some upsetting indoor decor for Halloween.

jack o latern with two tiny pumpkins halloween

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