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If Ross Geller From ‘Friends’ Had an Instagram

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'Cosmopolitan' imagines Ross Geller's Instagram and it's exactly what you'd expect.

Ross Geller sucks. Like, he is the actually worst. He is the epitome of a “nice guy.” But like, “nice guy” in quotes because he’s actually a terrible guy.

He’s the kind of guy who complains about the “friend zone.” He’s the kind of guy who laments how girls never like him, even though actually treats all the women in his life like props. Yeah, he was going to drink the fat, but, come on! Ross knew Rachel was going to stop him before it touched his lips. I mean, really… God, he just sucks so much.

So yeah, he’s all of that. He’s also the kind of guy that we would all totally hate-follow on Instagram.

Unfortunately for us, Friends went off the air in 2004, before smart phones or social media could really become a part of the story. Thankfully, though, the good people over at Cosmopolitan have imagined what the OG f**kboi’s Instagram feed would be like, and it’s just as infuriating/amazing/hilarious as you’re imagining!

Ross in Central Perk Screencap

Credit: NBC

Here's what we're all missing by Ross not being on Instagram