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Russia Partially Decriminalizes Domestic Abuse

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Putin claims it helps protect family values.

Vladimir Putin just made domestic violence a lot harder to report, and a lot easier to get away with.

As long as government has existed, so has the debate as to how much reach and influence it should have in a citizen’s day-to-day life. In our own country, the divide between our two major Parties ultimately comes down to this belief: That the government should either let the people be or become more involved to better support them. Where do you stand?

One especially grey area is what happens inside a private home. And while the well-being of all citizens should be paramount to a government—and although all laws still apply to private residences—there’s only so much that can be done regarding what goes on behind these four walls.

In Russia, one of the largest and most populated countries on the globe, President Vladimir Putin signed a bill into law this week that decriminalizes some degrees of domestic violence, making it easier for this subtle and insidious form of abuse to take place without much repercussion.

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But why would he ever do such a thing?