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The Disturbing Truth Behind Canada’s Ousting of LGBTQ Government Workers

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Who knew?

In the United States, we like to think of Canada as a more liberal and all-around-nicer neighbor. It’s a country whose image errs on the side of not hurting anyone’s feelings ― there’s a reason all impersonations of a Canadian include the word “sorry.” Just because we look at them as progressive and ahead of the curve now doesn’t mean they were always that way.

Case in point: the “fruit machine,” Canada’s disastrous attempt to create a functioning, mechanical gaydar. Over the course of several decades, the government ran a campaign to rid the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the military, and other government offices of gay people, using this faulty machine as their proof. Along the way they compiled over 9,000 files on suspected homosexuals and ruined plenty of lives.

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Source: Twitter @CanadanoBrasil