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Ever Had Food Stolen at Work? This Sandwich Thief Was an Absolute Savage

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The caper on rye

The office kitchen or cafeteria is a sacred space.

Do you bring food to work or buy lunch every day? Do you spend time in the kitchen at the office, chatting with coworkers, or do you eat quickly and quietly at your desk to avoid all social interaction? Maybe your office doesn’t even have a full kitchen, but rather a small nook with a sink, coffee pot, and microwave.

For those that treat weekday lunches as BYO, things can get pretty intense, and unspoken rules as to what goes and what does abound. Tuna? Watch it. Salad? Go for it. Smelly foods? Get out of here. An innocent sandwich? Right on point.

But what would you do if you went to grab your lunch from the fridge, even a tiny little sandwich, only to find that it was gone?

Though it seems more like the plot of an office sitcom or some middle school treachery, office food thefts do happen. But we’ve never seen one as bad as this…

sandwich thief letter

Source: Pixabay/ tumblr @iitskimixox

This is passive aggressive AF...