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This School Thought It Was a Good Idea to Hang up Students’ Slave Auction Posters

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What were they trying to teach these kids?

Last week at South Mountain Elementary School in East Orange, NJ, one parent was strolling the halls and noticed something that shocked him. As part of a colonial history project, one class made their own slave auction posters and wanted signs for runaway slaves, and they posted them in the hallway.

The issue here isn’t that 5th grade students are learning about the ugliness of slavery, it’s that this project was on display in hallways where students, aged 4-10 years old, were able to see it with no “context” of the lesson’s intent.

Once the photos of the student-made posters were posted by a parent to Facebook, it sparked outrage far beyond their own school district. Now the superintendent is under heavy fire for the project and a bunch of racist white dudes are being… typical racist white dudes on Facebook.

Source: Jamil Karriem/Facebook

Source: Facebook @Jamil Karriem

There's a right way and a wrong way to teach kids about racism.