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15 Years Ago Today ‘Scrubs’ Was Aired. Where’s the Cast Today?

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Ever since TVs have become a staple in American households, we’ve had shows about hospitals.

In fact, medical dramas are popular across the world, evidently for the relatable and undoubtedly-emotional scenarios that take place there. As viewers, we associate hospitals with life and death, loss and gain; some of our most human moments play out in hospitals. Naturally, they’re popular settings for fiction.

Though we may typically associate this genre with dramatic shows like General Hospital, ER, or Grey’s Anatomy, we can’t forget that comedies can take place inside hospitals as well.

On October 2, 2001, Scrubs aired for the first time. It was the breakout role for Zach Braff, who’s endearing lead role would lead the quirky, humorous, and often sentimental show to nearly 20 Emmy nominations and two wins, not to mention dozens of other nominations and wins.

If you loved the ridiculous antics of J.D., the Janitor, Turk, and the rest of the cast, do you ever wonder what they’re all up to now? Let’s just say 15 years makes a big difference!

scrubs 15 anniversary cast

Source: Disney/ABC

See how much they've changed!