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See ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Reimagined as a Musical Starring Yoda

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Who knew Yoda hated seagulls so much...

We’ve been waiting nearly 40 years for a Star Wars musical, and we’ll probably be forced to wait a lot longer for the official (and inevitable) product.

But that doesn’t mean fans haven’t tried along the way.

For years, one of the funniest channels on YouTube has been Bad Lip Reading. Thanks to their team of incredibly talented video producers and contributors, BRL has amassed a library of parodies to some of the most popular films, trailers, and scenes in Hollywood history.

This past week, they went a step further by transforming Luke’s training on Dagobah into a full-on musical scene starring everyone’s favorite Jedi master, Yoda himself.

yoda musical seagulls

Source: YouTube @Bad Lip Reading

Now this you gotta see