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Waiters and Waitresses Share How They Know It’ll Be A Terrible Table

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Money doesn't buy class

Everyone should work in the service industry once in their life. It humbles you, teaches you patience and politeness, and gives you skills that carries over to other industries.

While I mainly worked in kitchens, one of my chefs made me do some front of the house shifts to get to the know more about the industry. While our little mom and pop place in Brooklyn had mostly polite Gen X customers that were forgiving of my newbie mistakes, I still read blogs about horror stories of the serving industry. And most of the complaints from long time servers weren’t about getting stiffed on tips: They were about being treated like servants by some of the clientele.

There are numerous stereotypes about which tables are the dreaded ones. Groups fresh out of church, older ladies who lunch, and foreigners who don’t know the customs in U.S. restaurants are often the biggest offenders.

Learn what annoys these servers of Reddit and try not to be totally rude the next time you dine out, okay?

Servers are human beings busting their butts for a paycheck, too.

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