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Seth Rogen Trolls Donald Trump Jr. Unlike Any Other and We Love It

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Sick burns

People have been trolling IRL since the beginning of mankind. We just love f***ing with each other. Back in my day, it was pretending to be a legit farmer in a “m4mfarmer” chatroom on AOL.

As chatrooms, message boards, and instant messaging got overshadowed by social media, it’s easier than ever to troll anyone in the world.

While it was once relegated to “trolls” hiding in their parents’ basements, messing with people anonymously because they have nothing better to do. But now it’s exploded to all sorts of people on the Internet who do it without a disguise — including celebrities.

We’re used to celebs go after each other with insults on Twitter, but that’s just petty fighting: It lacks finesse. But (good) trolling requires humor, wit, timing, and pointing out truths. One comedian, the current Twitter troll master, has been tweeting out his DM’s with Donald Trump Jr.

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