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‘Shazaam,’ ‘The Berenstein Bears,’ and More Fake Childhood Memories

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Everything You Loved Is a Lie.

When you think of Sinbad, who do you think of?

You may think of the mythical sailor/thief, or you might think of the actor/comedian. If you picked the latter, what do you see him wearing?

And finally, what movie do you associate him with?

If you picture the actor Sinbad, facial hair and all, decked out in genie pants like someone out of Aladdin, perhaps even in a movie where he plays a genie, and perhaps that movie is even called Shazaam, you’re not alone. It’s a popular childhood memory and favorite of many.

There’s just one problem…

That movie never existed. And Sinbad never played such a character.

As it turns out, this isn’t the only fake mass memory that many people collectively share, and now that they’re all getting unveiled, people are starting to lose their minds.

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Credit: Wikipedia/ Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Which of your memories are fake?