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She Dropped Her Fat Now the Bullies Want to Date Her

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But she has something to say to them that they don't want to hear

For people who are living with obesity, there is no bigger problem than all of the negative responses you receive about your weight. People will ask you, “Why don’t you just lose it? Why don’t you just exercise? Well, you must have a very bad diet.”

There are many reasons why people become overweight, but ridicule is hardly an answer to losing the fat. We’ve seen far too many people be so negatively affected by bullying that they decide to end their lives. But on occasion, all that hate can make someone determined to rise above it. Emma Pope was constantly insulted by people who liked to poke fun at her weight, but she became determined to get back at them in the best way possible.

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Emma Pope is loving her new life, and the haters can stay home