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Provocative Blogger Had Surgery on Her Lady Bits and Then Turned It Into a Necklace…

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Would you wear THIS around your neck?

It’s not unheard of to keep your kid’s baby teeth or locks of a lover’s hair as cute keepsakes, but other body parts aren’t quite as likely to be saved. However, just because it’s unpopular to save strange things doesn’t mean people don’t do it. Occasionally, some will keep body oddities hidden away somewhere for safe keeping.

Beauty blogger Tracy Kiss has been promoting rather strange trends for the last few years (like drinking male essence for health reasons), but her most recent venture has got people gagging. She finds that her new piece of jewelry is as personal as it is beautiful.

She decided to turn her snipped-off skin into a necklace for the entire world to see.

tracy closeup labia necklace

Credit: Tracy Kiss