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Shocking New Evidence in ‘Making a Murderer’ Case May Prove Steven Avery Was Framed

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His lawyer has spent her own money to prove he's innocent

Steven Avery, the subject of the hit Netflix docuseries Making a Murderer, is still serving a life sentence for the sexual assault and murder of photographer Teresa Halbach whose body was burned down to the bones. He has claimed he was innocent of the heinous act since the day the police showed up to investigate the crime, but he was found guilty regardless of his pleas.

The docuseries dug into Steven’s life, examining the injustice he encountered after he was imprisoned for a sexual assault that he was later exonerated of. Steven sat behind bars for 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit, and it seems he’s doing the same behind this second sentence.

Fans of the series have called for a re-examination of the case, even begging President Obama to help Steven. Finally, a famed lawyer who specializes in high-profile exonerations is on his side. She believes that Steven will walk free soon based on the evidence that she uncovered through her own investigation.

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Credit: ABC