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Shocking Princess Diana Facts Revealed

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The secret life of the People's Princess

Princess Diana of Wales was one of the most widely beloved members of the royal family in recent memory. Her smile, her humor, her moxie, and her heart touched millions of adoring fans around the world—and even more were shocked by her untimely death.

Many people dream of growing up to be a princess, but is it worth all the pressure and the lack of privacy that comes with it? Surely, in her wildest dreams, Diana never could have imagined the drama and turmoil that would follow her rise to royalty, international fame, and scandal.

Born into one of England’s oldest aristocratic families—the likes of which include royal ancestry—Diana’s was a charmed life. She was raised on the same property as the royal family’s private residence, and her family had for generations forged a strong relationship with many members of the royal family. Lady Diana’s grandmothers were both ladies-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother), and she herself was named for an ancestor who was at one time a prospective Princess of Wales, the title that Diana would soon be known all over the world for.

Despite her fairytale life, it turns out that marriage and family life at Kensington Palace weren’t always picture perfect. Yes, she was born into nobility and married a prince, but there was far more to the People’s Princess than meets the eye.

Princess Diana in Blue Stripes

Credit: Patrick Riviere/Getty Images