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Shoppers Keep Having Meltdowns That Turn Into Pro-Trump Rants

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"I voted for Trump... and look who won"

People are angry.

This might not be anything new, but it’s safe to say that in the past few weeks and months, Americans are feeling just about as angry as they have in recent memory. Pretty much every viral news story you hear popping up these days is about a terrible comment someone made or action they did or Tweet you-know-who posted.

And now, suddenly, the holidays are upon us. While that means a season of good will and cheer for many of us, others are less affected by the general happiness in the air, allowing instead for their stress or anger to boil over until they take it out on unsuspecting strangers.

This past week alone, several viral videos have taken the internet by storm, and they have one strange thing in common: Angry shoppers, discontent with the service they’re receiving, lash out at undeserving employees while strangers capture the outbursts on camera.

Oh yeah, and every video includes the person yelling that they voted for Trump.

pro trump tantrums

Source: YouTube @TheTruthNetwork @AXM News/ Twitter @Jbdcl

Why does their candidate even matter?