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Should You Swear in Front of Your Kids? Young Mom Reads Son ‘Go the F#&k to Sleep’

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Parenting 101

Discussing how to raise your kid is one of the easiest ways to get in a fight on the internet today.

Are there universal rules, or is it to each his own? Should I share pictures of my kid all over social media or keep them private? How old is too old for this or that? What books should I read them?

While it’d be nice to think that parents can choose what’s best for their own child, sometimes you see something that really makes you wonder. Enter Sophie Cachia, a 25-year-old “Mum. Wife. Self-proclaimed legend,” known for her strong social media presence and blog entries on The Young Mummy.

Recently, she posted a video of herself reading a children’s book called Go the F**k to Sleep to her toddler, and while it might seem like a joke to some, others were quick to get defensive.

go the fuck to sleep sophie cachia young mummy

Source: Instagram @theyoungmummy/ Wikipedia

Here's the video...