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Skip the Dentist! This Old Housewife’s Trick Removes Plaque Every Time

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Plaque be gone!

Our bodies are fascinating places.

Though we learn how to use them very early on in our lives and then pretty much take things for granted until we get injured or old, our bodies are fascinating mechanical and biological feats that have led our race to where it is today. Thanks, evolution!

But that doesn’t mean that our bodies don’t also come with problems. Many of us are born with chronic health issues, others just have plain bad luck throughout their lives, constantly breaking, twisting, or spraining one thing or another. Sometimes, our physical problems are much smaller, but that doesn’t stop us—or other people—from noticing them.

Perhaps the most noticeable thing we notice in each other are our teeth, especially when they are yellow. But as it turns out, the easiest trick to get rid of dental plaque isn’t fancy brands and tedious brushing routines. You can get rid of plaque and tartar by using ingredients in your own house!

Are you sick of shelling out tons of cash on name brand toothpaste and mouthwash that all do the same thing anyway? Take a note from your ancestors and use the all-natural alternative to whiten teeth and keep healthy gums while fighting bacteria and freshening breath at the same time!

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