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In Japan, Falling Asleep in Public Makes You Look More Successful

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Catching some Zs, shame free

Why do we make some of our most basic human needs so taboo?

Though we all need to eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, and (for many) reproduce, different cultural and societal norms have strictly determined how, when, and where we do them. Any variation in what’s considered “normal” for the majority is sure to lead to scrutiny and criticism of those who don’t follow the established system.

When do you find time to sleep? Is it a priority, or would you rather stay awake to work, enjoy life, or finish “just one more” episode of your favorite show? Is your sleep schedule considered normal?

Now think about where you sleep. For most of us, the answer is simple: in our beds. Do you ever sleep at work? Or on your commute? Chances are you don’t, since it would either be considered unsafe or unprofessional.

In one country, however, the culture around sleeping in public is shameless. In fact, people might even think more highly of you for it.

security guard sleeping on the job

Source: Wikimedia Commons

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