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Snooping Parents Reveal Secrets They Really Wish They Hadn’t Figured Out About Their Kids

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Coming from a conservative family with strict parents, I know what it’s like to have a snoopy mom. A mom that wants to know who you’re hanging out with at all times, every detail of your school life, and what exactly is happening in that head of yours. Well let me tell you, having snoopy parents just creates a sneaky child. My hiding skills are on par with a chameleon.

As my siblings and I have gotten older and the relationships with my parents have strengthened, we sometimes find it funny to reveal exactly what was going on under their nose. Their reactions are priceless, but every so often, they reveal right back that they knew what we were doing the whole time… just like these parents. Unfortunately for them, it might have been better off if they didn’t know.

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Any of these sound familiar?