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Only Geniuses Can Solve This Riddle

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Can you solve this riddle?

There are so many ways to exercise your brain and boost its power. It’s a shame more people don’t work out their mind as much as they do their abs or legs. Science has shown that activities like playing musical instruments, learning new languages, meditation, and doing things to increase your short-term memory increases your brain’s power and keep it working properly. Solving puzzles and riddles regularly can increase your brain’s neuroplasticity — the change in neural pathways that helps regions of the brain communicate with other regions. More neuroplasticity means your brain is working better!

Entire businesses like Lumosity and Happify are built around the idea that regular working of your problem solving skills can keep you sharp as a tack! We may not be one of those type services, but we do appreciate a good riddle now and then — and we want to share this one with you! It’s a real headscratcher and it definitely made our brains light up with activity.

See if you can solve this brain buster for yourself!

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