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South Korea’s Most Notorious Market Takes First Step to Ban Dog Meat

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One small step for man's best friend...

Across the world, but especially in the United States and other Western countries, the idea of eating dog meat is repulsive.

While it has been practiced on every continent, eating dog meat is seen as taboo in much of Western culture, largely because we view dogs as intelligent animals and loving pets, if not as family. On the other hand, it constitutes a part of the daily cuisine for many cultures, specifically in countries like China, Korea, several African countries, and even Switzerland.

It’s a complicated argument. “Right” and “wrong” don’t apply here as diet is culturally relative, and judging something like food simply from an ethnocentric point of view is a flawed approach to any debate. Many things we eat in the United States would be seen as offensive or sacrilege in numerous cultures and religions.

But one thing that’s easy to agree on is that all animals, especially livestock, should be treated humanely.

For those who want to see a more humane treatment of dogs across the world, there is some truly good news coming out of South Korea this week.

south korea woman protest dog meat cage

Credit: Park Ji-Hwan/Getty Images

Here's the announcement that could change everything.