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Sperm Bank Workers Share Their Stickiest Situations

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Get a load of this guy!

Working in sperm bank requires a lot of things. You have to be nonjudgemental, comfortable with stranger’s bodily fluids, have good customer service skills, and quite a bit of patience. Oh yeah, and all the sciencey stuff. The payoff is that you get to help produce life by supplying people with a necessity to create a tiny human to love and cherish.

And donors? They don’t take semen from any scrub that walks in to the clinic. To donate, the male has to be healthy and fit, between 18 and 45 years old, and must undergo frequent testing. From television and movies, must of us know how the sperm is collected — the donor goes into what is called (in the U.S.) a “masturbatorium,” which contain adult videos, magazines, etc. to help them along.

Of course there are many things that happen in and out of those masturbatoriums. Ready to hear the gross real life stories?

sperm frozen in ice cubes

Credit: Phonlamai Photo/Shutterstock