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Stranger Returns Woman’s Lost Purse… Along With Creepiest Note Ever Written

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And it's indicative of a larger issue

Ask any woman and she will rattle off a few stories about how a man approached her trying to be nice but then revealed his true creepiness very quickly. It usually ends with the woman being so frightened that she tries to make a getaway and the man getting angry at her fear claiming that she misconstrued his behavior towards her. The guy in this particular situation would typically say that the incident was all her fault. In reality, we know that it was entirely his.

One woman decided to share her story about an indirect meeting with one such person, and it’s obvious that it’s just one of numerous stories about how men feel entitled when it comes to women.

woman ignoring over eager guy

Credit: Antonio Guillem/Shutterstock

It seems that guys just won't learn their lesson about women