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‘Stranger Things’ Cast Member Defends Younger Co-Star After Being Destroyed by the Internet

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Do you think you're "owed" an autograph?

The kids that star in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things have been thrust into the spotlight. They’re popular with children and adults alike who are huge fans of their expert acting skills and comedic chops. Most agree that the incredibly talented children will probably enjoy long, fruitful careers in the entertainment business. Considering that they operate in a very mature industry, it’s easy to forget sometimes that they are, in fact, kids, and they can’t be beholden to adult responsibilities and obligations.

A recent incident in which fans called 14-year-old actor Finn Wolfhard “rude” has opened up a dialogue about how people take things way too far when they meet famous people on the street. It’s even worse when the celebrities are so young.

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Source: Instagram @milliebobby_brown