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Perverted New Seat on Subway Teaches Men About Sexual Assault

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For Men Only

For many people, it’s easy to feel vulnerable when alone. For this reason, we avoid walking home alone (especially at night), or we stay on the phone with a friend if we’re scared. After all, there’s strength in numbers.

And yet for many others, there is nowhere more terrifying than a crowded place. Whether it’s the feeling of being cramped, not being able to breathe, or that uneasy sense of innumerable hands and eyes surrounding you, cramped and crowded places like clubs or subway cars can allow people to grab, grope, and rub without being caught. Anybody is a suspect, and anybody can be a victim.

Now, an art installation is using shock value to change our perception of—that is, many people’s ability to ignore—sexual assault.

penis chair mexico subway

Source: YouTube @arshad ali

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